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The Accounting & Tax Area is made up of a group of professionals with an important track record in Finance, Auditing and Outsourcing who share the fundamental principles and bases that govern the essence and raison d'être of the Froimovici & Asociados Law Firm.

   We provide full advice and in the field of Accounting and Taxes, we specialize in the financial area.

    We interact and work each situation in a particular way with the client, we propose suitable and successful solutions to each case, based on the characteristics of each need and the experience obtained in the area. We provide practical solutions with personal assistance. We accompany the client throughout the process from start to finish.

   We also propose different solutions in the administrative and financial field, each individual client working in a dedicated, detailed, strategic and diligent way.

    At Froimovici & Associates we specialize in:

  • Audit and Accounting,

  • Taxes,

  • Finance and

  • Outsourcing.

   The Accounting Area is made up of a team of Qualified Professionals in charge of Dr. Eduardo D. Karas , who is a National Public Accountant, enrolled in CABA, has a Diploma in Business Studies in Spain, with extensive and proven experience in Accounting, Tax, and Administrative matters. and Financial; and a long career as an Auditor, Advisor and Director of Companies in Argentina and Spain.

Equipo de negocios

Audit & Accounting Department:


  • Audit of Financial Statements.

  • Limited revision of Financial Statements for intermediate periods

  • Prequalification reports and professional opinions for Control Bodies, Societies of Art. 299 of Law 19550, IGJ, Provincial Public Registers of Commerce, Financial Entities and by specific requirements.

  • Valuation Audits for Business Purchase processes or business units.

  • Evaluation of the Efficacy and Efficiency of the Operating Procedures carried out in an organization (Purchasing, Sales, Treasury, Payroll Processes, etc.).

Taxes Department:

  • Preparation or Review of the Sworn Declarations of National, Provincial or Municipal Taxes.

  • Tax Audit for Non-Prescribed Years.

  • Tax Planning.

  • Moratoriums and Payment Plans AFIP, AGIP, ARBA and ANSES.

  • Attention of Inspections.

Finance Department:

  • Comprehensive Advice for channeling Investments in national and foreign currency.

  • Advice for solving financial problems and obtaining credits.

  • Financial planning, implementation and control of cash flow.

Outsourcing Department:

  • Accounting of Transactions, Preparation of Subdiaries and Reports, Preparation of Balances.

  • Preparation of Company Minutes or Meeting Minutes of Partners.

  • Preparation of Financial Statements for Transformation, Merger, Liquidation or Acquisition of Companies, and procedures before the IGJ.

  • Rubrica of Accounting or Labor Books (copies, mobile or digital sheets).

  • Registration and procedures at IGJ, AFIP, AGIP, ARBA, Social Works, Unions, ART.

  • Settlement of wages and wages of various unions, registrations, preparation of social charges.

  • Monthly Tax Payments and presentation of Sworn Declarations.

  • Generation of Dashboards for Decision Making in Management Control.

  • Design of Administrative and Management Processes (Process Diagrams and Courses).

  • Participation and Advice in Accounting Expertise in the Judicial or Extrajudicial field.

  • Selection of Personnel, Publication of Notices, Interviews and Evaluations.




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