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Commercial law, commercial law or commercial law is the branch of private law that regulates the conduct of commercial acts. This is, in broad terms, the branch of law that regulates the exercise of trade by the different economic operators in the market.

   We provide comprehensive advice and in the field of Commercial Law, we specialize in the judicial and extrajudicial area.

   We interact and work each situation or conflict in a particular way with the client, we propose adequate and successful solutions to each case, based on the characteristics of each case and the experience gained in the area. We provide practical solutions, through agreements and negotiations with personal assistance. We accompany the client throughout the process from start to finish..

   We also propose different solutions in the judicial field, working each individual case in a dedicated, detailed, strategic and diligent way.

    At Froimovici & Associates we specialize in:

  • Company constitutions,

  • Corporate conflicts,

  • Trusts,

  • Execution of debts,

  • Bankruptcies,

  • Competitions and preventives,

  • Commercial contracts,

  • Intellectual property,

  • Trademark registration,

  • Executive titles like checks and promissory notes,

  • Rental contracts,

  • Consumer relations and consumer defense and

  • Other measures.

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