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Also called family law is the set of legal norms and institutions that regulate the personal and financial relationships of the members who make up the family. This is considered a right for child abandonment and if it is not respected it is considered a crime.

   We provide comprehensive advice and in the field of Family Law, we specialize in the judicial and extrajudicial area.

     We interact and work each situation or conflict in a particular way with the client, we propose appropriate solutions to each case, based on our own characteristics and the experience obtained in the area. We provide practical solutions, through agreements and negotiations with personal assistance. We accompany the client throughout the process.

    We also propose different solutions in the judicial field, working each individual case in a dedicated, detailed, strategic and diligent way.

      At Froimovici & Associates we specialize in:

  • Divorces,

  • Parental responsibility,

  • Food support,

  • Successions,

  • Coexistence unions,

  • Judicial Authorizations,

  • Visiting schedule, 

  • Separation of property regime,

  • Domestic violence,

  • Family bonding,

  • Foods,

  • Child custody and care,

  • Assistance and advice on children's rights and

  • Other measures.

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